Peconic Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 113 Peconic, NY 11958   - EMAIL: PARC(dot)W2AMC(at)GMAIL(dot)COM



The Peconic Amateur Radio Club is devoted to the hobby of Amateur Radio

  and serves Eastern Long Island's North Fork and beyond......




Our annual plan for PARC meetings is as follows: Jan-Feb: ZOOM meetings first Friday of the month @7:00; March-June: Library meetings first Friday of the month @6:30; July - Field Day late June, no meeting; Aug-Nov: Library meetings first Friday of the month @6:30; Dec: Holiday luncheon, no meeting. The Mattituck - Laurel Library is located at 13900 Main Road {NY Route 25}, Mattituck, NY 11952.

  Our next meeting will be LIVE at the Mattituck Library on April 7 at 6:30 pm. Election of PARC officers +....


           ANNOUNCEMENTS - MAR 6, 2023

                 -----CHANGES IN RED---


JANUARY: 12 members attended a Zoom meeting; old Army video on CW shown.

FEBRUARY: 8 members and 3 guests attended a ZOOM meeting; N2RJ updated us on ARRL news.

MARCH: 13 members and 1 guest attended a LIVE meeting; Tom WB2EUJ presented a great program on propagation and the current sunspot cycle.

* FCC VE EXAMS:  PARC will resume our planned quarterly schedule at the Mattituck Library but 3 DAY ADVANCE Reservations will be required from now on for FCC exams. Alternate arrangements at the Custer Institute in Southold may also be arranged.

Please contact Jim W2NSF at - opajim (at) optonline (dot) net & see additional information on the "License Exams" page for further info.

*MEMBERSHIP: An updated  PARC MEMBERSHIP/DUES LIST dated 03/01/2023 has been distributed to the membership.  Please contact NY2NY If you did not receive one or you have corrections or additions to the list. There are currently 59 active PARC members; 10 NOT paid dues for 22-23 as of 02/04/23.

*PARC CUSTER STATION: The PARC Custer Station is now open every Tuesday or Wednesday from 10:30am to 2:00pm- members and guests are invited to join us at the Custer Institute in Southold. Weekly announcements will be sent via email each Monday confirming the opening day. There are currently no COVID restrictions to visit the PARC Custer station. You may, of course, wear a mask if you wish to remain anonymous !!

*PARC SURVEY: The survey has been completed and the results forwarded to the membership. A discussion of the results will be held at a future meeting.

*PARC WEEKLY NET: As there was considerable interest from the last member survey in an on-the-air PARC net, we are looking for a volunteer(s) to run the net over the PARC repeaters on a weekly basis. We currently have a volunteer - more details to follow.

 *PARC ANNUAL ELECTIONS: Don N2QHV and Charlie K2GLP,  the 2023-24 PARC nominating committee for our annual Election of officers, presented the slate of candidates at the March meeting. Elections will take place at the April Meeting.

* REPEATER STATUS:  The 440.050 UHF repeater in Greenport has been sucessfully repaired and is awaiting re-installation at the Greenport site. Meanwhile, PARC has acquired a NEW UHF repeater in the area: Callsign: W2KOA; Input: 444.975, Output 449.975, P/L 94.8 hz. Yes it's different than the usual UHF split - the input is 5 MHZ LOWER than the output. Try it, good signal in Laurel/Mattituck area ! The W2OQI machine on 146.82/22 is fully operational.



PARC annual dues WERE due on JULY 1, 2022- for the 2022-2023 year...You can pay at any (REAL or CUSTER) meeting DIRECTLY to our Treasurer JAY NY2NY


Send a paper check or money order to: PARC- PO Box 113 Peconic, NY 11958 OR Jay Buscemi NY2NY PO Box 397 Laurel NY 11948.

If you wish to pay by paper check - please make the check out to Roberta Keis or James Buscemi with a memo note that it's for PARC dues. Please DO NOT make the check out to the Peconic Amateur Radio Club as it can't be cashed that way.




Please use the "send money to friends and family" option, not "pay for goods or services". Please do not send Paypal $$ to the PARC email address - we do not have a Paypal account with that address.


Dues for the 2022-2023 year are due on July 1 each year. Dues may be paid directly to our Treasurer NY2NY at the Field Day site or paid with one of the methods above.



  The club station is located at the Custer Institute and Observatory, 1115 Bayview Ave., Southold, NY 11971 and is open from 10am to 2pm on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.


We are QRV on all bands 160m thru 70 cm with 5 antennas of various configurations. Also can operate CW, SSB, FM, JT65, FSK and FT8 modes.

We have a DATA radio installed (FT-100) so stop by and try out the FT8 mode on HF - lots of fun !


VHF (Middle Island) W2OQI/R, 146.82/146.22, PL 136.5

UHF W2KOA, 449.975/444.975, PL 94.8

UHF (Greenport) W2AMC/R, 440.050/445.050, PL 107.2 - TEMPORARILY DOWN

Thanx to Charlie K2GLP, the PARC Greenport UHF repeater has now been linked to other repeaters down the east coast now on a 24-hour basis so don't be surprised if you find yourself talking to a mobile in Orlando some afternoon. Just please don't call "CQDX" on the repeater-- hihi..