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The Peconic Amateur Radio Club visited the Cradle of Aviation November 9, 2022. Originally seven members were planning to attend, but at the last minute four members had to cancel. The event was attended by N2RBU Roberta Keis, KC2ZQL

Gene Schroer and KD2WBH Peter Rutlin.

The travel weather was perfect and the club members really enjoyed the day 

viewing all the exhibits from early aviation up until the Space Age.

There is much to see and do at the museum. The club plans to set a future date to

spend more time reading / viewing and interacting with the exhibits. There was

also a 40 minute Imax 3D movie that was viewed, one of four that play throughout

the day.

The admission was covered by a free family library pass for the day, available at

most public libraries for the asking, the movie had a separate charge, but well

worth watching. There is a nice cafeteria to sit and take a break with good and

reasonably priced fresh cooked food.

Photo credits by Gene, except for the space pics by Pete.

A10 Warthog

Gemini Space Capsule

Gemini Cockpit

Full size LEM Diorama