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Field Day 2022 at the Horton Point Lighthouse

We're back!  

The ARRL 2022 Field Day event was a huge success at the Horton Point


JUNE 23, Friday morning 0830 Don rounded up the usual cast of characters and

headed over to Charlie's house with the trailer to haul the infamous 500 Lb PARC

tent over to the Horton Point Lighthouse grounds.  Within two hours it was set up

and we were ready to pick up the  tables and chairs, thanks to the Greenport  Department.of Parks and Recreation.

PARC tent set up at the Horton Point Lighthouse

Many thanks to Crumb Boss N2QHV Don for feeding us and then we had fantastic Ice Cream

desserts provided by WB2ZOB Stu!

Field Day 2022 Crumb Boss

PARC W2AMC operated as Class 2A, emergency power. Twenty two PARC members and guests

participated in our Field Day radio Operations.

NY2NY Jay contributed 79 CW QSO's and 158 SSB QSO's were made by the rest of the

PARC members.

Field Day under the PARC tentNY2NY Jay on CW at the Horton Point Lighthouse ARRL Field Day 2022

KD2WHB Pete set up next to the club tent with his own off the grid Jeep with generator and

solar power.

Jeep set up for ARRL 2022Field Day at the Horton Point Light House Another Epic Journey Jeep is Solar powered for HAM on Field Day 2022 at the Horton Point Lighthouse.

A total of 650 bonus points were added for Emergency power, media publicity, visit by Southold Police

official, etc.

Total score: 1206 points. The results will be published in QST.

Many thanks to all who participated; special thanks to Don N2QHV and Charlie K2GLP for all their

efforts to make this an excellent experience for PARC members and their guests. Horton Point Lighthouse at night with the PARC Field Day tent set up


This is the Horton Point Lighthouse under a Full Moon. Whenever this event occurs, the

covered porch disappears,as noted in this photograph taken by N2WMF Bill the Medic. Because

of his family history related to the commissioning of the Horton Point Lighthouse, he is the

only one that can capture this event of disappearing porch phenomenon.

As legend has it, when George Washington Commissioned the Lighthouse, the original plans

did not include a front porch. The Horton family insisted on a front porch on the lighthouse so

it would reminded them of the original homestead that would be torn down to make room for the


The final construction did include the porch, but every full moonthe front porch disappears.

Photo curtacy courtesy of N2WMF  Bill the Medic.

 Horton Point Lighthouse at Full Moon