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License Exam Sessions

 PARC (PRE-COVID) normally conducts FCC Amateur Radio License Exam sessions quarterly on the fourth Friday of the month at the Mattituck-Laurel Library. The time of the exam may vary due to COVID restrictions but will be negotiated with the candidates. All license classes are tested. DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS, RESERVATIONS ARE NOW REQUIRED AT LEAST 3 DAYS BEFORE THE SCHEDULED EXAM AND THE EXAM MAY BE CONDUCTED AT AN ALTERNATE FACILITY. AT THIS TIME THERE ARE NO REGULARLY SCHEDULED EXAMS BUT ACCOMODATIONS CAN BE MADE BY CONTACTING W2NSF.


Prior to taking an amateur radio license exam, you must have an FCC Registration Number (FRN). If you already hold an FCC license, you should have an FRN. If you have no FRN, you must get one prior to taking a license exam. To obtain an FRN, visit this web site to begin the process:

If you show up to take an amateur radio license exam without an FRN, it may be possible to obtain one on-line at the testing site, providing someone has a working mobile device or laptop computer and there is an internet connection. But why take a chance? Get your FRN as soon as you know you will be taking an exam.  A working e-mail address is now also required. Thank you.
If you are planning to get or upgrade your license or know someone who wants to take their license exam, please contact Jim- W2NSF (631) 734-5121 or PARC.W2AMC(AT)GMAIL(DOT).COM for a reservation at least 3 DAYS prior to a scheduled exam.
You may also request a private session if you have difficulty attending one of the scheduled dates.
Walk-ins have been suspended during the COVID pandemic, reservations WILL be required.

The fee for each exam is $15. If you pass your exam, you can take the next level exam for free. Example:  you show up for and pass the Technician Exam, then you may take the General Exam for free (and even the Extra, if you pass the General).
If you fail the exam you showed up for, you may re-take it as many times as you like the same nite, but you must pay an additional $15 filing fee per each retake exam.
We may limit the number of tests (and retakes) based on the library's closing time.
Effective April 19, 2022, the FCC will charge $35 for all new Amateur Radio License applications. There is no application fee for license upgrades. The usual exam session fee of $15 will still be collected at the time of the exam. After they receive the application forms, the FCC will contact applicants directly to arrange for payment of the new $35 fee.

A new "ARRL Youth Licensing Grant Program" was just approved that will waive the $35 application fee for applicants under 18 years of age. These youth applicants will also pay a reduced exam session fee of $5 at the time of the exam.
Testing Resource info:
Good luck all - Jim, W2NSF